Sunday 28 Mai 2006 our good Friend Robert  LX1RQ  is Silent Key , 

 Robert we will keep you in good memory !  


Du warst so gut im Leben,  du wirst so sehr vermisst,

drum wollen wir, die leben, auch dein vergessen nicht!

Mag auch die Zeit die Wunden heilen,  die Lücke und die Narben bleiben!

The Show must go on !! Now 9 years ago !!  we don't forget you Robert !

   2016  we will remember on a fantastic radio operator,  friend  and radio events organisator,

Robert Schoettert   LX1RQ    Operator and organisator on LX9SW LX8M LX5A LX7A  LX0LT LX8A …


«    Robert,  Merci pour ces moments inoubliables  que l'on a passés ensemble »

LX1WW     LX1JK    LX2KW   DL4VCW   LX1A    LX1AV   LX1AT   L X1KC    LX1ER    LX2AJ

LX1MA   Jos  LX-854    LX1EC   LX2AK    LX1IV   LX1AH    LX1DW   LX1AQ   LX2HB


LX1NW    LX1JA     LX1AR    LX1EA   LX1RA    LX1KQ 

LX1RT sk           LX1EK sk


Lieblingslied von Robert :        The Show Must Go On ....von Queen



     link to :         In memory   Robert,   LX1RQ

     link to :         Abschied von Robert  (RL Bulletin 2/2006)

     link to :         Hommage  un de Robert Schoettert (LW 21/07/2006)



Artikel von Aktivtäten bei denen Robert beteiligt war, oder selbst geschrieben hat.




    link to :     Gruemelscheid by LX1RQ 1993      

    link to :     Die Bruecke zur Welt LX1RQ 1993      

   link to :     LX8A im CQWW   Test  1988   

   link to :     LX7A Multi / Multi CQWW 1989   

   link to :     Ein Verkorkstes  Wochenende 

   link to :     Remember CQ WW Contest 1991  (video   LX1UN HP down)

   link to :     Eine kleine Wintergeschichte (dec 2005)

      link to :      LX9SW LX8M LX5A

      link to :      LX0LT Téléthon 2002









  Pictures  from  HAMVENTION  in  DAYTON / OHIO  2001




Hamspirit in Luxembourg a great time between 1985 and 2004  with Robert  LX1RQ 

Contests ...Fieldays .....













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                                                       JEANNOT             Two good Friends       ROBERT                                                       




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                                          A good friend of us , is also silent key    

 Noted this item in the local newspaper dated : on Sunday october 16th, 2005 in Toronto Canada

                                                 The paceful passing of David Adams  VE3HBF


He was 89. If there was anyone, who was a true representative of Amateur Radio and someone you would want to talk to, it was David Adams.  I met him  while doing a TV program, and then when I was doing a historical pieceon school houses, and then when I saw him open his station to JOTA  for scouts and Guides.  I can not, but wonder why I never heard of his death via the radio?  There were no SK postings nor mention via the club repeater...nothing.

 Peter  VE3WBZ





   1987 David visit Luxembourg, 

              Every day he walking 30- 40 km across  our country, from youthhome to youthhome...

              Together we visiting the castle of Brandenburg, Vianden, Clervaux .....

              VE3HBF  David  on my Station    after a nice meal in the evening  with Robert and me,

              on the restaurant  "Site Unique" in Bigelbach, on the picture below,  he talking with friends in Canada..







Robert stay behind David  and listen to the QSO ...                            VE3HBF David                                     





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 1 mai 1979           ARDF in  Hosingen    




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   Robert and Ed   1980  on tour ==> Switzerland, Italy (lake of Garda) and South of France (St.Tropez)




                                              Ed                                                              Robert


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