Born September 20. 1942 in Luxembourg.  My youth I pass in Diekirch a small and beautiful city in the middle

of  Luxembourg.  From 1961 I have work  in different medical institutions and services in Luxembourg,

Retired, Sonja my wife and I living in Beaufort, a small town in the east part of the country.

 My favourite sport was football.  My favourite music : the 70's 80's & 90's

 My interest for Radio Communication start in the 70ths.

 My Ham License since 1983.


  LINK about Health  and social net in Luxembourg :   SANTE



          1951 in Diekirch                                                   1960-1961 Military service                                      1962 Clinique Sacré Coeur


                                                      Edmond                                                                                               Sonia           


  Our good dog  Normi  

              RIP on   6 aug 2015  


                   Bessi the daughter of Normi




                                                                                                      FC  Befort    1965 - 1966 



                                                                                                             US  Colmar Berg 1973


                                                                                                             US  Colmar Berg  -1972