station setup


   Transceiver :   Yaesu FT 1000 MP^Mark V field 

                        Microphone :      Heil PR781

            HF Amplifier :  Acom





    Antenna  for 20m 17m 15m 12m 10 m :   TH11DX Hygain  Yagi       

1/2Wave dipol ( 2x 32 m) with 700 Ohm  feeder  line


and Palstar symetrique coupler

  using for 30 40 80 and 160 m


Vertical spider pole 22m high  for 80m with 30 radials (only from november to 1th march) 



Sunset 29 november 2016


                                                                         Spiderbeam 22m fiberglass pole     (only from november to 1th march)                                                            

30 Radials on the ground , each 19,5 meter


 (only from november to 1th march) 


 (only from november to 1th march)